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  1. The Reddish Brown Earths have a reddish-brown surface colour when dry and then turn a dark reddish-brown colour when wet.
  2. The surface of the mould can be covered in coloured glass powders or frits to give a surface colour to the sand cast glass object.
  3. The deviations for both external and internal geometries can be shown on the surface colour map chromatically on the 3D representation or by whisker plots in the 2D windows.
  4. Astronomers originally supposed that the entire trans-Neptunian population would show a similar red surface colour, as they were thought to have originated in the same region and subjected to the same physical processes.
  5. On this surface colours are applied by brush, the colours made from powered oxides mixed with water to a consistency of water-colour paint, sometimes with the addition of a binding agent such as gum arabic.
  6. She adopts an aerial view typical of her region's artworks to reconstruct memorised landscapes and express her Dreamings as  a barely tangible, shadowy palimpsest, overwritten, as it were, by the surface colours and movement.
  7. The Sentinel-3 mission's main objective is to measure sea-surface topography, sea-and land-surface temperature and ocean-and land-surface colour with accuracy in support of ocean forecasting systems, and for environmental and climate monitoring.
  8. As well, the surface colour and texture is fairly uniform compared to Earth ( just a couple of different broad classes of rock, dusted over in many places with regolith ) makes supplying camo uniforms easy ( none of this mucking about with separate desert / jungle / winter / city uniforms ).
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