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  1. The JNT uses bulk conduction instead of surface channel conduction.
  2. Because the water along this coastal area is very clear, much of the sub-surface channel pattern around the island is discernible.
  3. Sub horizontal drains are accompanied by surficial collectors which gather the water and take it away through networks of small surface channels.
  4. These tunnels were extended up to the villages and continued as surface channels for irrigation . ( Qanat in its Cradle, ICQHS 2012 ).
  5. Special ridges in the nonstick surface channel fat and juices away from the food and the heating element and into a water-filled base to help prevent smoking.
  6. Regarding the article's name, sources indicate that "'Dark dune spots are small CO 2 geiser-like systems which are fed gas by the spiders'sub-surface channel network . "'
  7. Previously, the assumption that Mars was wet was based on circumstantial evidence, such as satellite imagery of what appeared to be canyons and surface channels carved by water now missing.
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