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  1. It used discrete surface barrier transistors instead of vacuum tubes ( as the integrated circuit had not yet been invented ).
  2. The hunter-killer group returned to Argentia on 27 April for replenishment; then, Mosley resumed surface barrier patrols 2 May.
  3. In late 1953, engineers at Philco Corporation invented the surface barrier transistor, the first high frequency transistor suitable for use in high speed computers.
  4. Detectors to measure backscattered energy are usually silicon surface barrier detectors, a very thin layer ( 100 nm ) of electron-hole pairs which is dependent on the energy of the ion.
  5. In June 1955, the National Security Agency and the United States Navy entered into a contract with Philco to build a specialized scientific transistorized computer based on Philco's surface barrier transistor technology.
  6. Conventionally, the residual energies of charged particles and recoil nuclei have been measured by a silicon charged-particle detector; most commonly either a surface barrier detector ( SBD ) or a passivated implanted planar silicon ( PIPS ) detector.
  7. Angular dependence of detection can be achieved by using a movable detector, or more practically by separating the surface barrier detector into many independent cells which can be measured independently, covering some range of angles around direct ( 180 degrees ) back-scattering.
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