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  1. These compounds are nitrogenous cationic surface active agents.
  2. For the more general meaning, " surface active agent / s " is the heading.
  3. In most of these products, proteins are the main surface active agents that help in the formation and stabilization of the dispersed gas phase.
  4. Surfactants own both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties in one molecule, so they are called surface active agents, and are widely used in various washing process.
  5. Commercial uses of amaranth oil include foods, cosmetics, shampoos and intermediates for manufacture of lubricants, pharmaceuticals, rubber chemicals, aromatics and surface active agents.
  6. The state-of-the-art facility will produce surface active agents or more commonly known as surfactants based on alcohols, oils, esters, fatty acids and amines.
  7. An appropriate " surface active agent " ( or " surfactant " ) can increase the kinetic stability of an emulsion so that the size of the droplets does not change significantly with time.
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