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  1. His body was carried down to the surf boat by the rescuers.
  2. She carried the Olympic Torch on a surf boat into Bondi Beach.
  3. Surf boat races are conducted on a weekly basis throughout the Australian summer.
  4. "' Croker Oars "'is an Australian manufacturer of surf boat oars.
  5. Butler, Bosley and a third man came after them in a 30-foot surf boat.
  6. The best-known exception to this double-ended nature of surf boats, is the coble of north-eastern England.
  7. Because they do not fit the usual double-ended pattern, cobles are not normally called surf boats.
  8. Events include surf boat races and ocean swims.
  9. These races, held annually are part of the national surf life saving championship surf boat series.
  10. Surf boat competitions start from 16 +.
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