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  1. Fluxion and radionics methods of preparation do not require succussion.
  2. Here and elsewhere he claims that succussion does not just mean shaking, but shaking with dilution.
  3. Also, homeopathic prepations are not only diluted, but shaken ( the term used is succussion ).
  4. There are no laboratory assays and the importance and techniques for succussion cannot be determined with any certainty from the literature.
  5. When air and fluid mix together in the pericardial sac, a tinkling sound superimposed over a succussion splash is heard.
  6. Serial dilution is one of the core foundational practices of homeopathy, with " succussion ", or shaking, occurring between each dilution.
  7. A high-pitched tinkling sound indicates possible bowel obstruction, while a splashing " succussion " sound is more indicative of gastric outlet obstruction.
  8. "' Succussion splash "'is a sloshing sound heard through the stethoscope during sudden movement of the patient on abdominal auscultation.
  9. Homeopaths claim that it is this succussion that imprints the chemical on the memory of the water : again, you do not mention that.
  10. Potentised preparations are gradually diluted substances, whereby at each diluting step a rhythmic shaking and striking against a resilient surface ( " succussion " ) are involved.
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