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  1. Other routes are from butadiene, allyl acetate and succinic acid.
  2. Succinic acid also converts to diesters such are also referred to as succinates.
  3. Succinic acid can then be utilized for energy production via the Krebs cycle.
  4. Using glucose as substrate the natural producing succinic acid producers are first considered.
  5. It is a succinic acid-producing strain first isolated from the bovine rumen.
  6. Upon heating in strongly hydrate to succinic acid.
  7. So succinic acid will yield succinic anhydride.
  8. Succinic acid is used in the food and beverage industry, primarily as an acidity regulator.
  9. Under normal conditions, SSADH works with the enzyme GABA transaminase to convert GABA to succinic acid.
  10. The major acids in wine are tartaric and malic acid with succinic acids playing a small role.
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