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  1. Strip cropping helps to stop soil erosion by creating natural dams for water, helping to preserve the strength of the soil.
  2. The NRCS has shown contour strip cropping provides the greatest effectiveness when slopes of the area are within 4-8 %.
  3. On steeper slopes and areas with greater rainfall, a procedure known as strip cropping is used with contour farming to provide additional protection.
  4. Many techniques are used including no till, multispecies cover crops, strip cropping, terrace cultivation, shelter belts, pasture cropping etc.
  5. Contour farming is most effective when used with other soil conservation methods like strip cropping, terrace ( agriculture ) farming, and the use of a cover crop.
  6. A few of the noted accomplishments of the program included : the introduction of permanent pastures on area farms, the use of strip cropping to increase crop yield and decrease soil erosion,
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