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  1. He had tired of the racial straitjacketing in the United States.
  2. In the same era, the studios began to flout their own archaic Production Code, which decreed in straitjacketing detail how to portray sex and violence.
  3. But for every instance of liberalization on the sex and gender front, there are plenty of examples of gender straitjacketing : Think of the parodization of womanhood that ruled the short life of JonBenet Ramsey.
  4. "It would be all too simple to lament the straitjacketing of international sportsmen who, despite their six-figure salaries, will never play with the freedom of mind and spirit shown by the Samoans, " the paper said.
  5. For 50 years now, the hand of man has tamed the Missouri River, damming it and diking it, streamlining and straitjacketing it into a channel for barges and a generally well-behaved feeding tube for the fertile farmland on its banks.
  6. More than once, he breaks out of the play's straitjacketing with a nice behavioral detail, such as letting us see on Hartnett's face at the end what a damaged kid Hugo is, a far cry from the frequently triumphant but opaquely evil Iago.
  7. In opera, the practice of singing strictly by the score, i . e . " come scritto ", was famously propagated by soprano Maria Callas, who called this practice'straitjacketing'and implied that it allows the intention of the composer to be understood better, especially during studying the music for the first time.
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