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  1. The first spadeful of earth was turned on 27 July 2005.
  2. The Emperor himself turned over the first spadeful of dirt at Rosenh�gel.
  3. All he wants is someone to move 20 spadefuls.
  4. Mr . Guggenheimer turned the first spadeful of dirt.
  5. Dig up a generous spadeful of soil.
  6. I can remember seeing ( NFL Commissioner ) Pete Rozelle turning a spadeful of dirt.
  7. All the assistant has to do is throw 20 spadefuls of earth on the body.
  8. The first spadeful revealed five crocosmia corms stacked vertically, like buns in a bakery.
  9. Let me be the first to shovel a spadeful of dirt on the carcass of limpbizkit.
  10. The wiry gravedigger shoveled spadefuls of soft soil at blurring speed, then moved onto the next body.
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