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  1. The administration had not done enough spade work to allay their concerns.
  2. She did all the spade work for Arthur Ashe, let me tell you that.
  3. Not that Ogden, under Ablon, hadn't done some spade work.
  4. They admit much spade work still needs to be done.
  5. The Republicans need to do a lot of spade work and repair work in California.
  6. It just means we have spade work to do.
  7. In the Senate, some tobacco spade work has begun.
  8. This is spade work for the convention,
  9. At Sankarjung in the Angul district, the initial spade work exposed the cultural stratum of the Chalcolitic period.
  10. Partners & Spade works across a range of disciplines including advertising, retail concepts, branding, experiential marketing and design.
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