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  1. Nasa Borba journalists say the government forbade the country's sole print-paper factory from supplying them with paper.
  2. Bodziak had pinpointed the shoe behind the prints by reviewing crime scene photos, his catalog of rubber sole prints and talking with manufacturers.
  3. Prosecutors displayed the photos to show how bloody lines and curves found at the crime scene lined up with transparencies of the Magli sole print.
  4. The Tarumanagara fifth century CE Ciaruteun inscription, inscribed with king's sole print, regarded King Purnawarman as incarnation of Vishnu on earth.
  5. Further, the civil jury saw some new evidence, including pictures of Simpson wearing shoes like those that left bloody sole prints at the slaying scene outside Ms . Simpson's condominium.
  6. On Wednesday, the second day of deliberations, the jurors asked for a magnifying glass to be used in studying the photographs entered as evidence in the four-month-long trial, among them pictures in which Simpson appears to be wearing shoes of the type that left bloody sole prints at the crime scene.
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