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  1. In 1996, Weston bought out Citibank and became the building's sole owner.
  2. The Spaniards wanted to be the sole owners of InverMexico's financial subsidiaries.
  3. In 1974 Stora Kopparberg became the sole owner of the Dannemora mine.
  4. As if she / he as the sole owner of the artcle.
  5. Curtin is the sole owner, director and officer of Bicurt Asset Management.
  6. Mamut became the sole owner of the SUP Media in December 2012.
  7. A . Dunn was the sole owner of the business until 1902.
  8. Simpson bought out his partner and became sole owner of the store.
  9. Reineman was the sole owner when War Emblem won the Illinois Derby.
  10. Burke, now the sole owner, is considering another relocation to Scottsdale, Ariz.
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