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  1. A sole arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators so appointed constitute the Arbitration Tribunal.
  2. With his power of money he also gets himself appointed as a sole arbitrator in one of the cases involving Satyaprakash.
  3. Often this will allow the " non-defaulting " party to appoint a sole arbitrator and for the arbitration to proceed on that basis.
  4. He has arbitrated 17 significant commercial cases since 1990, mostly under AAA commercial rules ( including AAA international rules ), some as panel chair and a number as sole arbitrator.
  5. The composition of the arbitral tribunal can vary enormously, with either a sole arbitrator sitting, two or more arbitrators, with or without a chairman or umpire, and various other combinations.
  6. However, the two arbitrators appointed by the parties to the dispute would essentially act as advocates for the party who appointed them, and the umpire would effectively act as a sole arbitrator.
  7. He acts as a chairman, sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitration proceedings ( under the rules of the ICSID, ICC, LCIA, AAA, IACAC, etc . ) as well as in ad hoc arbitration proceedings ( UNCITRAL ).
  8. Most arbitration clauses will provide a nominated person or body to select a sole arbitrator if the parties are unable to agree ( for example, the President of the relevant jurisdiction's Bar Association, or a recognised professional arbitration organisation such as the LCIA, or a relevant professional organisation ).
  9. In 1524 Fitzherbert was sent on a royal commission to Ireland; Archbishop Warham appointed him by will sole arbitrator in the administration of his estate; and in 1529 when Wolsey fell, he was made a commissioner to hear chancery causes in place of the chancellor, and he subsequently signed the articles of impeachment against him.
  10. He continued to hold high level posts in the Indian government's Ministry of Justice, including Deputy Legislative Counsel, Additional Legal Adviser, Joint Secretary and Legal Adviser, Additional Secretary ( 1976 1988 ), Secretary ( 1988 1996 ), Union Ministry of Law and Sole Arbitrator in Government contracts ( 1979 1983 ).
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