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  1. What is the flow depth downstream of the sluice gate, y 2?
  2. An Jordan Valley, the sluice gates of the Degania dam were opened.
  3. Archways and sluice gates were present on the eastern and western sides.
  4. Sluice gates are used to control the water flow to the fields.
  5. Sluice gates were built to raise the water level to irrigate fields.
  6. Sluice gates commonly control water levels and flow rates in rivers and canals.
  7. The bubbler pool could be drained by opening its sluice gates.
  8. Excess water from the canal was released through a sluice gate.
  9. The full system involved placement of dams, canals and sluice gates.
  10. Water levels are managed by the use of a sluice gate.
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