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  1. The negligence of the defendants in the bridge collapse shouts out loud,
  2. Shout out to DJ Charlie holdin'shit down like he back to baptizing.
  3. They shout out " Amens " as if at a Baptist revival.
  4. The first single from the album was " Shout Out Loud ".
  5. But it's the words between the pictures that shout out with self-conceit.
  6. The crew shouts out greetings as Ben rolls by in his wheelchair.
  7. And a couple people in the audience shout out'You are loved, Huey.
  8. She did not, she said, hear the men shout out any warning.
  9. Phone calls can be of a shout out, request, or jus chat.
  10. While Caroline shouts out for Matt, Klaus ( Joseph Morgan ) appears.
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