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  1. He soon became active in the union movement, becoming a shop steward.
  2. "The silence has been deafening, " said striking shop steward Kevin Robinson.
  3. Roucou was a shop steward in the building workers'union UCATT in Manchester.
  4. He had hundreds of business agents and shop stewards campaigning for him.
  5. Horan soon became a shop steward and got to know Mary Macarthur.
  6. He became a union shop steward in the 1980s and rejoined Labour.
  7. By then, shop stewards had instigated demonstrations, work-to-rule actions and other disruptions.
  8. The union also has about 2 000 shop stewards at different companies.
  9. Ms . Rivera, a shop steward, said it was a bad Christmas.
  10. The hostility was very closely related to the employee's work as shop steward.
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