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  1. She wants you to run with her to shoo off lechers lurking in bushes.
  2. Jackie Mota, 14, said teachers tried to shoo off the students clustered around Danny.
  3. The man who does, general manager Wes Unseld, regularly shoos off interview requests concerning Jordan.
  4. Dashes of vaudevillian humor are provided by Ms . Alston, who shoos off Hall's advances with an exaggerated huffiness.
  5. "Goodwill impairment " sounds like a good topic to bring up if you want to shoo off somebody at a cocktail party.
  6. A neurolinguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the 40-year-old Pinker wrote the book partly to explain for nonscientists the biological basis of learning language-- but partly also to shoo off the " schoolmarms and language mavens " who, he says, have done more harm than good.
  7. It backs Wale and Lady GaGa on'Chillin', Jay-Z uses it to shoo off pop's most controversial vocal effect on'D . O . A . ( Death of Auto-Tune )', and here's US newbie Kristinia DeBarge swallowing it whole on her debut single.
  8. Not only will it shoo off the wasps but eventually will cause the paper nest to fall to the ground, which the wasps tend to abandon not yet having learned the squadron replacement technique of how to grab hold of several corners in unison and fly the thing back into place while the others try to remove the vinegar and cement the thing back in place .-- talk ) 23 : 50, 3 September 2009 ( UTC)
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