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  1. People don't screw over their friends ."
  2. It would be one thing to screw over one's friends, teammates, coaches and franchise.
  3. Pots hang on screws over a small gas stove, and a large television sits atop the refrigerator.
  4. But to screw over oneself at the same time, well, that takes a special kind of thinking.
  5. I'm not trying to screw over Americans who are losing jobs, " said Sanders, 22.
  6. I built a garden shed starting with a pile of lumber and lots of boxes of screws over thanksgiving weekend.
  7. "Why wait until five days before and screw over the kid who's got to be ready ?"
  8. He's lived a full and exciting life and doesn't care who he'screws over'on his way to the top.
  9. As he was taoist heretic, somewhat similar to anarchistic, there are some legends that Jeon salt down and screw over dynasty government and king.
  10. They were offering good money, but I felt if I signed it, it screws over a lot of players for the future and right now.
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