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  1. He had pulled another screw out of his palm.
  2. Just yesterday, I paid a mechanic $ 8.50 to pull a screw out of my left-rear tire.
  3. The force tending to pull the screw out of the wall is ZX / ( 2 ( Y-W ) ) kilogrammes.
  4. I question the worth of videos that show users how to unplug cables from the system or take the screws out of the case.
  5. Dying if not dead is the local hardware store that will sell you two bolts and three screws out of big boxes in the back.
  6. "Maybe when I get the screws out of my ankle I'll stop thinking about it so much, " he said.
  7. Each rotation of the fixture holding the nuts moves one screw into its nut by a small amount and moves the other screw out of its nut by a slightly larger amount.
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