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  1. A special reproducer and modified feed screw mechanism were required to play them.
  2. However, baroque-style bows produced today almost universally adopt the screw mechanism.
  3. In 1793, Kulibin constructed an elevator that lifted a cabin using screw mechanisms.
  4. A screw mechanism on top of the bridge allowed adjustment of the tonal output.
  5. Machinist's levels provide screw mechanisms to center the bubbles.
  6. Professional bassists are more likely to have adjustable bridges, which have a metal screw mechanism.
  7. The movement was imparted by a screw mechanism and the gas-check by the Broadwell ring system.
  8. The cannon employed a screw mechanism which pushed the cylinder forward when it was in position.
  9. The screw mechanism for changing hair tension is first mentioned in a French shop inventory of 1747.
  10. One jaw is fixed to the bar and the other can be adjusted with a screw mechanism.
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