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  1. Drill a pilot hole in the joist and drive in a screw eye.
  2. Thread the wire through the screw eye and wrap it around itself three times.
  3. Screw eyes can be substituted for the cuphooks.
  4. The screw eye can not be removed.
  5. He installed large screw eyes instead of strap buttons, a foolproof ( albeit unsightly ) method of securing the guitar to the strap.
  6. Keyring variants of rock monsters sent with monthly Lego magazine subscriptions have a fixed metal screw eye through the top of the head, and do not open.
  7. Fasten the first wire at or near the ridge with brass screw eyes, then space additional wires about five or six feet apart down to the eaves.
  8. Specific products include Bright Wire and Stainless Steel Hardware, Peg Hooks, Turnbuckles, Storage Hooks, Plumbing Specialties, Cotter Pins, Eyebolts, U-bolts, J-bolts, Screw Eyes & a variety of Hook types.
  9. Two guards escorted him to the toilet, but when they removed his handcuffs Hinds bundled the men into the cubicle and snapped the padlock onto screw eyes that his accomplices had earlier fixed to the door.
  10. To make fanciful chandeliers and sconces, Doyle has been experimenting with twigs and branches gathered at the family's weekend house in Dutchess County, N . Y . He joins the wood with screw eyes and yes, a glue gun.
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