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  1. A helical skew apeirogon has screw axis symmetry.
  2. In 2-dimensions they repeat as glide reflections, as screw axis in 3-dimensions.
  3. The continuous symmetry groups without a fixed point include those with a screw axis, such as an infinite helix.
  4. A screw axis is associated with each pair of vectors in the algebra of screws, also known as screw theory.
  5. Pl�cker coordinates are used to locate a screw axis in space, and consist of a pair of three-dimensional vectors.
  6. This is Rodrigues formula for the screw axis of a composite displacement defined in terms of the screw axes of the two displacements.
  7. The ring gears time the spinning and orbit of the rollers about the screw axis by engaging gear teeth near the ends of the rollers.
  8. Because each of these displacements has a screw axis, the movement has an associated ruled surface known as a " screw surface ."
  9. In 3D geometry and higher, a screw axis ( or rotary translation ) is a combination of a rotation and a translation along the rotation axis.
  10. Reason : To distinguish the screw axis ( a 3D object; main topic of target article ) and screw displacement ( an operation in 3D space ).
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