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  1. Notable bands from Galway include The Saw Doctors and The Stunning.
  2. As might be obvious, the Saw Doctors are not trying to be trendy.
  3. "It was commotion as I saw doctors and nurses scurrying inside the room.
  4. The CD is now available from the Saw Doctors Official website.
  5. "I'll always be your friend, " the Saw Doctors sang to a joyous crowd.
  6. Moran and Carton have been the only constant presences in the Saw Doctors'ever-shifting line-up.
  7. Its public performances are noted by The Saw Doctors for exuberance, colour and spectacle.
  8. The Saw Doctors kick off their first extensive U . S . tour this month.
  9. He saw doctors and had treatment and didn't respond.
  10. Man United Man sung by Men United was another Saw Doctor inspired Irish chart topper.
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