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  1. Perhaps it could be borrowed or adapted from the Saddle point article.
  2. In one dimension, a saddle point is a point of inflection.
  3. Hence the fixed point at the origin is a saddle point.
  4. The hyperbolic plane is a plane where every point is a saddle point.
  5. Double points in contour lines occur at saddle points, or passes.
  6. Note that this mountain pass is almost always a saddle point.
  7. And of course, there would be lots and lots and lots of saddle points.
  8. In other words, a saddle point represents a transition state along the reaction co-ordinate.
  9. Near the saddle point of Clarks Gap, a stone arch crosses over the trail.
  10. These are not local minima of the action, but instead they correspond to saddle points.
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