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  1. The posterior portion, known as the iliac tuberosity, is elevated and rough, for the attachment of the posterior sacroiliac ligaments and for the origins of the Sacrospinalis and Multifidus.
  2. To the external lip are attached the Tensor fasci?lat? Obliquus externus abdominis, and Latissimus dorsi, and along its whole length the fascia lata; to the intermediate line the Obliquus internus abdominis; to the internal lip, the fascia iliaca, the Transversus abdominis, Quadratus lumborum, Sacrospinalis, and Iliacus.
  3. To the sides it blends with the middle layer at the lateral border of the erector spinae muscle group that extends the vertebral column ( bending the spine so the head moves back relative to the chest ), also known as sacrospinalis in older texts and more recently as extensor spinae, [ 2 ] though this term is not in widespread use.

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