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  1. He became rushy when he couldn't ace ."
  2. Sites which are likely to attract this species have thick rushy margins.
  3. The Burgies are two tailings on the site of the old Rushy Park coal mine.
  4. Birds, fish, turtles and the occasional small alligator swim, slither and patter across its rushy surface.
  5. Covering of the southern part of the island is the Rushy Bay and Heathy Hill SSSI which has a number of nationally rare plants.
  6. Please ? 24 days was just me too rushy to change the number in the default number of hours in ban .-- user : zanimum
  7. I'm like, ` It's too busy, too " rushy " over here; they don't even stop for red lights . "'
  8. On the west side is the brackish Great Pool overlooked by the Hell Bay Hotel and in the south are sandy beaches, a common feature on the island, Rushy Bay being an example.
  9. This uninhabited wet, marshy, rushy, mountain area of the old Kingdom of Luachra was first noted in the Annals of Inisfallen in 534 when the King of Luacar won a battle against Tuathal Moel nGarb.
  10. More specifically, in moist grassy, sedgy, or rushy flats bordering streams and lake shores; vernally moist summer-dry alkaline meadows, seeps, marshes and swamps; occasionally found in non-wetlands.
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