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  1. The training finally ends with a route march where everyone completes successfully.
  2. Route marches and other intensive training were carried out during the winter months.
  3. His first test was a route march across the Sinai Desert.
  4. The Foundation Term ends with a 28-km graduation route march in full battle order.
  5. He said he slept only 11 hours since he began the route March 1.
  6. Northwest expects to begin service on the route March 4.
  7. They dismounted from their trucks several kilometers short of the battle, and began to route march in.
  8. Mainwaring isn't impressed with the men's feet and proposes route marches and games of football in bare feet.
  9. To try to maintain order the " spit and polish " regime was enforced and route marches ordered.
  10. The force, which was variously reported to comprise 125 and 200 personnel, conducted route marches in the area.
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