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  1. A position-type route indicator displays the route by light position.
  2. Each received message had up to nine routing indicators, or destinations.
  3. The following factors are reflected in routing indicator assignment:
  4. Some route indicators display the track number of the route or an arrow.
  5. This is achieved by a'route indicator'attached to the signal.
  6. This is achieved by a " route indicator " attached to the signal.
  7. Where junction indicators are unsuitable, route indicators are also used in colour-light areas.
  8. A modern passenger information system replaced the antiquated train route indicator with plug-in steel plates.
  9. On shunting signals, where speeds are much lower, a miniature version of the alphanumeric route indicator is used.
  10. "' Preliminary Routing Indicators "'( PRIs ) are installed on the approach to certain junctions.
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