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  1. This gene is similar to the v-Src gene of Rous sarcoma virus.
  2. Eventually this normal gene mutated into an abnormally functioning oncogene within the Rous sarcoma virus.
  3. Livingston and Jackson also collaborated on work on the Rous sarcoma virus ( RSV ) at Lederle Laboratories.
  4. Baltimore extended this work and examined two RNA tumor viruses, Rauscher murine leukemia virus and Rous sarcoma virus.
  5. In 1903 it was suggested for the first time that Rous sarcoma virus 1 and understood to be a retrovirus.
  6. This family represents a structured region around the Rous sarcoma virus ( RSV ) primer binding site ( PBS ).
  7. She continued her studies on the Rous sarcoma virus ( RSV ) that she had discovered in her postdoctorate work.
  8. The causative agent in the liquid was a virus, this is now called the Rous sarcoma virus ( RSV ).
  9. With W . J . Purdy, Gye did experiments confirming Peyton Rous's claims concerning the Rous sarcoma virus.
  10. Rous sarcoma virus-encoded oncoproteins are protein tyrosine kinases that are the cause of, and are required for, this cellular transformation.
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