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  1. Round worm : An intestinal parasite that is common to dogs and cats.
  2. Chief among them are bacteria and a thin round worm called anisakid nematode.
  3. In round worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, expression of SIR2 ( sir2.1 ) is sufficient to extend longevity.
  4. An additional 400 million children are infested with round worms or whip worms because of poor hygiene.
  5. The Division of Nematology is mandated to work on nematodes, commonly called as round worms, eelworms or thread worms.
  6. Pine tar mixed with beer can be used to remove tapeworms ( flat worms ) or nematodes ( round worms ).
  7. Dr . Morrow described a dead cat discovered behind freezers containing many perished animals, stating, " During the necropsy, I remember pulling eight round worms from its intestine.
  8. Even the round worm, a standard laboratory organism, has more than 50 genes specifying different types of potassium channel protein, so it is likely that humans possess even more.
  9. In nature, the worms _ a species of round worm known as C . elegans and no relation to the earthworm _ feed on clumps of bacteria in the soil.
  10. wats is the common and scientific name for sponges, flat worms, earthworms, bugs, frogs, jellyfish, round worms, clams, and starfish  Preceding talk ) 15 : 14, 19 March 2008 ( UTC)
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