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  1. The "'rigid arm "'scroll saw was popular until the 1970s but is no longer made.
  2. Referred to as an "'ophiopluteus "', these larvae have four pairs of rigid arms lined with cilia.
  3. But in Hong Kong today, the Great Helmsman lives on as a dlrs 76 wristwatch, his rigid arm flailing away the seconds.
  4. He devised what is known as " The Norman Swing " -rigid arms extended far from his body, a very wide stance with minimal knee bend, shorter-than-usual backswing and extended follow-through with minimal hand action, which produced amazingly accurate ball placement.
  5. In this scale, the rigid arms of a classical beam balance ( for example a configurational forces develop at the two edges of the sleeve as a consequence of both the free sliding condition and the nonlinear kinematics of the elastic rod.

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