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  1. This pulling action will retract the slide back against the return spring.
  2. Like the Model 11, the gun operated by way of two return springs.
  3. The carrying axles were designed as Adams axles and had leaf return springs.
  4. There is a short cylinder which contains a piston and its associated return spring.
  5. The return spring and guide rod are almost identical to those of the AK.
  6. The outermost axles, which had side play, were given return springs to minimise hunting.
  7. A return spring keeps the diaphragm in the starting position until the brake pedal is applied.
  8. In a conventional four-stroke engine valves are opened by a cam and closed by return spring.
  9. The return spring must allow the tip to support a force of without registering a touch.
  10. The slide continues to the rear and the return spring, located under the barrel, is fully compressed.
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