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  1. Be sure answer this by return of post . ""
  2. Hold put on return of post-handover arrivals, HONGKONG STANDARD
  3. Guest's application was accepted by return of post and he was asked to report early in July 1910.
  4. Distance or DX listeners who provided a reception report were sent by return of post a QSL card.
  5. Tilman accepted by return of post.
  6. The prince, losing himself in the details, made it known that he valued advice, which, however, he usually sent back by return of post without any alterations.
  7. Further, it seems admitted that if the proposer said,  unless I hear from you by return of post the offer is withdrawn,  that the letter accepting it must reach him to bind him.
  8. His anger at what he read and the accusations hurled his way regarding his lack of manners in failing to write a letter of thanks for his release meant that Asgill dropped everything and wrote an impassioned response by return of post.
  9. He says, suppose the sender of a letter says,  I make you an offer, let me have an answer by return of post .  By return the letter is posted, and A . has done all that the person making the offer requests.
  10. Out on the stump, the arguments have been about taxes, reform of social security, and health care _ as if once in the White House, either Al Gore or George W . Bush could send bills incorporating their policies up to Capitol Hill, where they would be debated, approved, and delivered for signature by return of post.
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