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  1. The return match is Oct . 31, most likely in Abu Dhabi.
  2. We have a small advantage of playing the return match at home.
  3. Next up for Portugal is a return match against Ireland in April.
  4. His return match took place at a DDT show on July 3.
  5. Cullen scored two tries in his return match against Taranaki last week.
  6. A return match was arranged for the following season in September 1865.
  7. The return match takes place at the Bernabeu stadium on May 1.
  8. On the return match Spanish Club won with the score 2 0.
  9. On the return match wacker Innsbruck beat Ferencv�ros 2 1 in Budapest.
  10. The two teams play the return match in two weeks in Belgrade.
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