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  1. As the second Confederate return line collapsed, Ayres and Sheridan came forward.
  2. In some places, the return line to the rectifier is via tramway rails.
  3. The third common filter location is just before the return line enters the reservoir.
  4. District heating systems consist of feed and return lines.
  5. It is normal to have fule cooolers in teh return line in engines over 20 litres.
  6. When the pressure exceeds this value the valve opens and sends the flow to return line.
  7. The lower saturation pressure in the reservoir draws the condensate through the condenser and liquid return line.
  8. This gas combines with the condensed steam in process equipment and return lines to form carbonic acid.
  9. This had arisen because of the proximity of the kegs to a hot steam condensate return line.
  10. In homes where this return line was not installed the cold water line is used as a return line.
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