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  1. This water becomes the Agulhas Return Current, rejoining the Indian Ocean Gyre.
  2. The oppositely-directed return currents flow through the ground plane directly beneath the trace.
  3. That flow carries the return current of what is essentially a giant circuit.
  4. Typically, a single wire is used, with the return current running through the track.
  5. Sediments underlying the Agulhas Current and Return Current have significantly higher ratios than surrounding sediments.
  6. Over the Agulhas Plateau the return current forms a major northward loop to bypass it.
  7. The negative return current passed through the rails.
  8. These run off direct current fed from Breivika, with the seawater and seabed used for return current.
  9. This scheme was introduced because of the problems of return currents, intended to be carried by the bonded together.
  10. This required adaptation of the Class 501 trains to return current through the wheels instead of the centre rail.
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