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  1. The return channel will include the RQ signal if an error is detected.
  2. The return channel need not use the same medium as the main channel.
  3. A return channel on the end-user terminal is needed to send the condition changes.
  4. The new Ethernet and audio-return channels and 3D support aren't covered in any depth.
  5. Steinbrenner's concern may return Channel 11, which has carried Yankee games for 46 years, to the forefront.
  6. The government promised WiMAX as return channel for the system, set to be implemented in the following years.
  7. Variable Coding and Modulation does not require a return channel and does not adapt to fading conditions in real-time.
  8. Steve Laitman, chief executive of E-District, which produces games, says the companies must now upgrade the return channel or risk disaster.
  9. For example, some hybrid Internet access services use a one-way cable television system for the forward channel and a dial-up modem for the return channel.
  10. LDPC codes are finding increasing use in applications requiring reliable and highly efficient information transfer over bandwidth or return channel-constrained links in the presence of corrupting noise.
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