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  1. The motion is sinusoidal in time and demonstrates a single resonant frequency.
  2. For an object to mechanically resonate, there must be a resonant frequency.
  3. This capacitance substantially decreases the resonant frequency while concentrating the electric field.
  4. Positive feedback excites spontaneous oscillations at the resonant frequency of the cavities.
  5. Therefore, the particle can be located quite precisely by its resonant frequency.
  6. The resonant frequency of the SRR depends on its shape and physical design.
  7. The resonant frequency being different at different locations of the room.
  8. There are some requirements for an object to have an audible resonant frequency.
  9. The thickness of the ceramic substrate determines the resonant frequency of the device.
  10. Two coupled resonators may interact not only at the resonant frequencies.
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