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  1. So a purchaser of land was entitled to rescind the contract of sale.
  2. Jerry's estate cannot rescind the contract after Jerry is gone ."
  3. The company, however, said it is willing to rescind the contract, citing bad publicity.
  4. On 5 December 2011 he rescinds the contract by mutual agreement with the company.
  5. The firm also offered to rescind the contract in question.
  6. "Jerry's estate cannot rescind the contract after Jerry is gone,"
  7. After delays of 180 days, BC Ferries could rescind the contract for a full refund.
  8. FC Barcelona announced Sunday it had agreed to rescind the contract of the 30-year-old striker.
  9. Sunkin said Viacom's attorneys would deal with any effort by the MTA to rescind the contract.
  10. Granada has continued negotiations with Regal although it has had the opportunity to rescind the contract twice.
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