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  1. repatriation of refugees to a war zone would violate their international rights.
  2. The three also called for repatriation of refugees and assistance to displaced persons.
  3. The leaders stressed that the repatriation of refugees should be voluntary.
  4. "There will be no repatriation of refugees against their will, " said the letter.
  5. There were no reports of the forcible repatriation of refugees.
  6. Boutros-Ghali said the aim of any peacekeeping operation would be the repatriation of refugees.
  7. Myanmar and Bangladesh will discuss bilateral issues, including trade, cultural exchange and repatriation of refugees.
  8. The repatriation of refugees had to be better co-ordinated.
  9. _Plot the repatriation of refugees for the Spring thaw.
  10. Iwinski praised the housing projects but insisted there should be no forced repatriation of refugees.
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