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  1. Full repatriation of capital, capital gains, profits and dividends is allowed.
  2. On Wednesday, Malaysia relaxed its rules on the repatriation of capital.
  3. Hungary allows 100 percent repatriation of capital and 100 percent foreign ownership of companies, he said.
  4. Meanwhile, Torrijos lured foreign investment by offering tax incentives and provisions for the unlimited repatriation of capital.
  5. The measure also would end a 50-percent limit on foreign ownership of businesses and guarantee repatriation of capital.
  6. When the president-elect called for the repatriation of capital, " There was a whoop of derisive laughter from the group here,"
  7. When the President-elect called for the repatriation of capital, " there was a whoop of derisive laughter from the group here,"
  8. Currently, there are no restrictions on the transfer or repatriation of capital and income earned, or investment financed with convertible foreign exchange.
  9. The investors are offered a series of incentives, including tax holidays, easy repatriation of capital and dividend and low taxes, he added.
  10. The repatriation of capital held in Georgia was one of several measures by which Ras Al Khaimah tried to improve its credit rating.
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