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  1. Polling districts were to be delineated and polling places designated by the registration officer.
  2. From June 1796, this changed : registrations were performed by a civil registration officer.
  3. She said training of camera operators and registration officers still had to be done.
  4. Each constituency was to have an electoral registration officer, who was to compile the electoral register.
  5. Such person may adduce relevant documents in support of his / her claim for consideration of Registration Officer.
  6. The office of Revising Barrister was abolished in 1918 when the duties were entrusted to the Registration Officer.
  7. Electoral Registration Officers are required to report against these standards and the Commission will make this information publicly available.
  8. Electors can choose to opt out from appearing in the edited Register by informing their local Electoral Registration Officer.
  9. The edited Register is available for general sale from Electoral Registration Officers and can be used for any purpose.
  10. These twenty Officers are each supported by staff including one or more Electoral Registration Officers appointed by the Commission.
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