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  1. The registrar of copyrights is also the secretary of the copyright board.
  2. The "'Registrar of Copyrights "'is the head of the Copyright Act.
  3. Marybeth Peters, the registrar of copyrights, told Congress this summer that compared to 1980, she had 25 percent fewer workers processing a workload that was 26 percent larger.
  4. Exemption proposals are submitted by the public to the Registrar of Copyrights, and after a process of hearings and public comments, the final rule is recommended by the Registrar and issued by the Librarian.
  5. The court holds in the judgment that the test of whether an imported work infringes copyright is laid down in S . 53 ( this section allows seizure of goods by the Registrar of Copyrights ).
  6. When they asked whether this section would change the result in " Aiken ", reporters received different answers from the counsel for the Senate Subcommittee, the counsel for the House Subcommittee, and the Registrar of Copyrights, all certainly distinguished authorities on the subject ."
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