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  1. Judith Freeman tackled both in her 2002 novel, " Red Water ."
  2. The town is also recognized by its distinct, red water tower.
  3. Red Water Brook was dammed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
  4. This area on Nayau is called Sosoiwaidamudamu or the Swamp of Red Water.
  5. As the victors dispersed, Sitting Bull led followers north into the Red Water country.
  6. Little Red Water Lake is connected to a number of area lakes by canals.
  7. "I looked down at the red water, " she recalled.
  8. Later on, Liu assisted Mao and Zhu across the Red Water River four times.
  9. Smaller tributaries are Bell Brook, Squeak Brook, Lawrence Brook, Red Water Brook and Trout Brook.
  10. Red water melons were cheaper at the wet markets.
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