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  1. He described his own motivation as " Rascality, pure rascality ".
  2. He described his own motivation as " Rascality, pure rascality ".
  3. Dorothy Parker called it " a rigadoon of rascality, a bawled-out comic song of sex ."
  4. The charming rascality of the stories went well beyond the reality of a commercial shipping business, but they brought widespread fame.
  5. "In terms of the ` rascality'. . . I think that it was very appropriate, " he said.
  6. If the governor proves himself intelligent and capable, people tend to be willing to indulge a fair amount of rascality on his part.
  7. The town's three R's in that time were " rum, rascality, and rapacity, " according to one preacher.
  8. Only a president, wielding such a weapon, gathering unto himself all his mighty powers, can curb the forward march of crime and rascality in our country,
  9. "These shows reveal a mix of unconscious rascality and also self-mockery, " explained Giuliano Ferrara, the editor of the Rome daily Il Foglio.
  10. Although looked on favourably in Parliament, consideration of the PC & NELR's Clinton Dawkins, Morgan described the transaction as " the greatest rascality and conspiracy I ever heard of ."
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