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  1. In the wrist both the semilunate carpal bone and the radiale are preserved.
  2. These pieces include a nearly complete right carpometacarpus, two phalanges, the radiale and ulnare of the wrist, and a fragment of the distal right humerus.
  3. Both the wrist and hand bones ( radiale, ulnare, and metacarpals ) and leg bones are lengthened, demonstrating the potential for substantial speeds on land.
  4. The SCCA authorities dictated FAZA and Cosentino be forced to use an early design engine a non " Radiale " engine from 1962 model in his cars but still achieved 51 Victories from 53 races.
  5. The wing of a modern bird, for example, has only two remaining carpals; the radiale ( the scaphoid of mammals ) and a bone formed from the fusion of four of the distal carpals.
  6. In South America, it is commonly confused with the yellow-crowned amazon, but can be recognized by its larger size, less yellow to the crown ( not entirely reliable, as some yellow-crowned may show almost none ), the whitish tinge to its plumage, broader white eye-ring, and red of the leading edge of the wing placed near the radiale ), but this is often difficult to see ( especially on perched birds ).
  7. Between 1962 and 1971 the 850cc and 1000cc class cars won hundreds of races all over the World and were commonly called " Giant Killers " due to their superior performance over much larger cars, culminating in a famous dispute with SCCA authorities in the USA when Alfred Cosentino ( FAZA ) was banned from running his 1970 Fiat Abarth Berlina Corsa 1000 TCR " Radiale " engine because his car was faster ( mainly in wet conditions ) to many V8 Mustangs, AMC AMX's and Chev Camaro's etc.
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