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  1. Steering is by rack and pinion and has a comparatively low ratio.
  2. Gone also was rack and pinion steering, which inhibited the 407's handling.
  3. The railway utilised the Abt rack and pinion system for steep sections.
  4. It was the first Jeep vehicle to use rack and pinion steering.
  5. The steering is a traditional rack and pinion setup, with power assistance.
  6. Elevation was obtained by rack and pinion on the upright legs.
  7. Both trucks feature rack and pinion steering, a first for a full-size truck.
  8. The steering featured the Variatronic power assisted rack and pinion technology.
  9. Steering is rack and pinion, transmission by the way of a four-speed manual.
  10. There are'rack and pinion'gears to translate rotary motion into linear motion.
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