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  1. To solve this problem, Pasteur worked with the rabies virus in vivo.
  2. The rabies virus can be present in the saliva of rabid animals.
  3. Rabies virus, like many rhabdoviruses, has an extremely wide host range.
  4. After days, dog bites the maestro, and he becomes ill with rabies virus.
  5. Foxes of all species are tremendously sensitive to the rabies virus.
  6. Rabies virus belongs to the family Rhabdoviridae and the genus Lyssavirus.
  7. But the rabies virus does not kill the infected T cells.
  8. Scientists must be immunized before they can work on rabies virus.
  9. The new VRG vaccine, however, is not a killed or attenuated rabies virus.
  10. An excellent example to profile this distinction is the rabies virus.
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