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  1. Saru Taqi was murdered under the orders of Bost and Qandahar.
  2. His first stay was at Shorawak ( Qandahar Province ).
  3. She used to sing for her school band in Ayno Lece in Qandahar.
  4. Barech moved from Qila Bust ( Kalabus ) province Helmand to Shorawak province Qandahar.
  5. Her parents are originally from Qandahar.
  6. The three major clans are the Gurbuz, the Masood, the Qandahar also known as Wadir.
  7. Omar's base was among the Pashtun ethnic group centered in southern Afghanistan around the city of Qandahar.
  8. On 26 May 1981 an Afghan Air Force Mil Mi-8 helicopter was hijacked from Qandahar and landed at Samungli.
  9. In 1507, Khorasan was occupied by Turkic king Nader Shah in 1747, it was occupied by the Afghan Durrani Empire centered in Qandahar.
  10. Five years later, Ganj Ali Khan was once again present in the Ottoman-Safavid War, and participated in the newly captured city of Qandahar.
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